Each fall, HOBY mails its Sophomore Selection Packet to every public, private and charter high school in the United States inviting them to select and register students to attend their local HOBY Leadership Seminar. The 2019 HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar will be held May 24-26th at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon!  

Schools, or youth-serving organizations are asked to determine their annual representatives and register the students online. If your school or organization did not receive the packet this year, you may still select and register a student.

Choosing a Representative

Need help choosing a representative from your school/organization? HOBY provides an explanation of the selection process and traits to look for when selecting a representative. Continued Here


After selecting one or more students to attend the HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar, the school/organization will need to register their Ambassador(s). To collect the information needed to register, have the student(s) fill out the HOBY Registration Worksheet. Continued Here

2018 Schools

The 2018 HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar had 49 Ambassadors from all over Oregon. See if your school had a representative here.