Have you ever thought of bringing HOBY back to your high school? We can help! Through Community Leadership Workshops (CLeWs) you can share the HOBY experience with your high school first-year students. Typically 6-10 hours long, CLeWs are designed to introduce high school students to leadership skills through community involvement, panels, speakers, interactive sessions, and team-building exercises.

You can expect:

  • To be exposed to important ideas, including opinions that may differ from your own
  • To interact one-on-one with decision makers in education, government, business and other professions
  • To jump in and discover more about issues impacting you and your community
  • To be challenged to be a person who succeeds in making a difference to improve your community
  • To be challenged to commit to 100 hours of volunteer service in the next year to help make your community stronger, any way you believe you can
  • To make new friends who are also committed to making a positive difference in this world
  • To get less sleep than you’d like
  • And to have more fun than you ever expected!

Also, you should NOT expect to be told what to think or to coast, cruise, or let others do the work. From the moment you attend a HOBY program, you will be treated like a leader and encouraged to think critically about a wide range of issues that impact your life and the world.

If you are interested in the CLeW program, please contact Jacquie at for more information.