Seminar Planning and Operations

SAM_4282Volunteering throughout the year, the Seminar Planning and Operations team focuses on the development and organization of the annual Oregon Leadership Seminar. Volunteers work closely together to manage the seminar’s location, facilities, program development, youth recruitment, finances, volunteer staff recruitment and training and other activities to successfully host the leadership seminar.

The 2018 Seminar Planning Team:

Leadership Seminar Chair: Katie Du Pont (NV ’07)  |
Director of Staff: Joe Atimalala |
Director of Recruitment: Katie Du Pont (NV ’07)  |
Director of Fundraising & Development: Casey Willits (WAOR ’11) |
Director of Program: Emily Louwsma (S. FL ’05) |
Director of Operations: Philip Atimalala |

Members at large
Jacquie Lonning
Stacie Balkaran (Mid. FL ’08)